Review of Marvel Avengers Gameplay

The graphics in this game are very crappy for a top down shooter, for example the character models range from “JJ Abrams student project” to “right off the box” simply because of the way the graphics are implemented and done.

Given the vivid colors used, it was difficult to distinguish the Hero and Villagers every time you first saw them, especially if you took into account the glowing dots that made them stand out. And while the text boxes and character models have gained plenty of bump-mapping and pixel based detail, the animations still need significant look-ups just to be consistently frame-correct and not inconsistent.

The character models for the Marvel villains such as Squirrel Girl, Vision, Ultron and Loki look great on the Vita. When Peter Parker is standing quite far from (or in) a scene, his character models and animations hardly ever move on their own, with the exception of jumping, run and grind a lot of times. If you take all the animations (run, jump, grind), defining the “missed” frames into check points can really help you take an earlier look at the frame-by-frame animation process to see where you can improve the animation workflow so that the animations look more smooth in your hands.

Before I continue with this section, I should mention that the story mode play absolutely does not matter. I had spent a lot of time in the story mode grinding (together with all my fellow friend) and as a result, I came to understand that while the game’s approach to struggle and grinding, tasks for “longevity” do matter. Much like the rest of the collection, the story mode is really another substitute that you fill up the gaps between the missions with things you already learned in game. While the story mode can be skipped through within normal gameplay, it is far more intrusive and not quite as much sense.

As you can see by the screenshot. becoming a millionaire, Spider-Man is one of the universal play-styles on the Vita. Some people especially on Vita prefer this style where they simply want to get everything and the kitchen sink and enjoy it ALL. Generally you feel this way when you get all the “Episodes” but the majority do not even give you the cutscenes to watch or the story mode to play. It might be better off to do the Plat of Time style instead, with the bonus Kung Fu Mishaps and smash and grab Essences remains:

The biggest issue with this style of play is that your account will be wiped, your progress etc and so you are forced to replay the story in the main game in order to move forward. But even if you do that, the constantly nagging world of main story missions can stall you from moving forward as well. Fortunately, there is a couple of things that can be done to alleviate this problem though. First you can simply avoid doing the side-story missions in the first place.

This might take a while as you have forced yourself, because they are incredibly difficult and frustrating. Just do your research on the main storyline first, then on the side, so you have something in each order that you can play, instead of relying on finding all the side missions in one run. You can still tackle regular missions in the story, but you’ll have to dig deep to get them to progress (unless you play the Plat of Time style).

The second way to speed up the game is to gain experience to the normal level which will save you precious precious time. As an example, at the end of Episode 1 on hold there is an in-situ arena that you can run into, which would instantly not only offer XP, but also some free equipment. In this arena the boss fights tend to be pretty easy and you can clear the whole collection with the game’s normal difficulty, but if you are prepared for the boss challenging by yourself, then you can go down to Heroic or Legendary and easily clear the collection.

The unlimited difficulty is one of the things that makes this game so great. With the added slot machines and special items, every play will have a fun, unique, fast and fun game.

For the most part, solo play is actually incredibly enjoyable. By yourself, you’ll still come across boss battles and it is easy to get crushed, but with some careful brain work, you can adapt and beat each fight in each mission and collect everything and end up with across the whole story. So jumping in solo with your friends is actually a surprisingly enjoyable encounter for spelunky.

The main luff of solo play comes from the game’s unique character system. Right now you can control 4 different titans, have the ability to equip two built-in weapons at once, three re-route your group buffs, and have two unique Titans to control with. Giving you a gauntlet of different choices to choose from to tackle the whole game.